Benefits of Control Panels


- Improved process efficiency.
- Reduced space, commissioning and start up time.
- Superior motor protection.
- Reduced unscheduled downtimes.
- Cost effective approach in reducing maintenance and saving time.
- Optimised productivity.
- Intelligent communication with PLC, DCS and BMS.

Power Distribution Panel (PCC / IPCC)

- Protection of electrical and mechanical systems.
- Measurement & controlling of different Electrical Parameters.
- Controlling of different applications.
- Power distribution to the electrical systems/machines.
- Isolation of the electrical system.

Automatic Power Factor Correction Panels

These are fully automatic panels with feature like:
- Consistently high-power factor under fluctuating load conditions.
- Elimination of low power factor penalty levied by electrical supply authorities.
- Reduced kVA demand charges.
Lower energy consumption in the installation by reducing losses.
APFCR Panel can be configured with Detuned Reactor, with TSM module or with Capacitor Contactor.

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